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Devoted Personal Care from Melbourne, Florida

Advocates for the Aging, Inc., of Melbourne, Florida, offers a full range of personal care and elderly assessment services that ensure clients are happy and healthy. Nothing is more important to us than providing quality and comprehensive care for community elders.

* Transition Nursing home & Assisted living advocacy
*Exploring alternatives to guardianship
*Hospital liaison, medical record review, discharge planning
*Medication management with compliance monitoring
*Relocation and placement guidance
*Coordination of in-home services and provide oversight
*Cognitive deficit education and care planning
*Financial assistance with bill pay, taxes, budgeting
*Driving safety evaluations, recommendations, and alternatives
*Home safety evaluations, recommendations, and resources
*State & Federal benefits eligibility review and assistance
*Referral to Elder law attorneys and financial planners
*Evaluation of Long Term Care policies, assistance with claims
*Education related to the aging process
*Home assessments and recommendations
*End of Life discussions and comfort
*Family conflict resolution assistance related to care of a loved one
*Property management to ensure the property is maintained in good condition
*Home cleanouts and personal property inventories and organization
*Assist with Estate Sales and arrangement for donations of residual items

Heart Family Guardianship Coaching

We love to share our vast knowledge related to the multitude of tasks required of a guardian. We can assist in navigating through the maze of marshaling the assets, ensuring proper health insurance, gathering medical information for a solid foundation to formulate a quality care plan, completing accountings and plans, and so much more!! Please contact our office for more information!!!

Heart Geriatric & Special Needs Case Management

Our team monitors the psychological, emotional, medical, social, and financial needs of the clients, ensuring all their personal needs are being met. Additionally, we attend medical appointments and arrange follow-up as needed. You can rely on us to ensure the proper resources are being utilized to promote our client's health, safety, and well-being. Case management services include acting as a liaison between medical personnel, facilities, and families. We fill and maintain medication dispensing boxes, facilitate refills with the pharmacy. Visit in the home and evaluate the ongoing and ever-changing needs of a loved one. We are the "heels and boots on the ground" for the family members who may not live locally, require an extra layer of care monitoring and/or need medical experts to guide them through the maze of an aging loved one!

Kraft and Tami ARNP

Heart Crisis Intervention/Management

If a loved one has had a change in condition or required immediate care, our team can intervene and assure the proper resources are in place. We follow consultations, provide support, and ensure follow-up services are in place for clients and their families during a time of crisis. We also provide specific assistance for family members who are out of town, acting as a liaison between the family and clinical staff.

Heart  Financial Management

We assist in safeguarding the client's assets by utilizing targeted resources to preserve financial security. We offer bill-paying services to aid the client in maintaining as much independence as possible. We review invoices to confirm accuracy, evaluate Explanation of Benefits documents and compare to medical invoices billed to the client, and coordinate an audit to assure home insurance and health insurance are up to date, and property taxes are current.

Heart  Professional Guardianship for the Elderly & Adult Advocacy

Guardianship is the option of last resort when evaluating a person's needs. Guardians take responsibility for a person when the court has determined that an individual lacks the capacity for or is incapable of managing their own affairs. A professional guardian is utilized for several reasons: 1 - A vulnerable person does not have a designated representative to facilitate their needs as they age. 2 - A person is abused, neglected, exploited, or abandoned by a stranger, family member, friend, or caregiver. 3 - There is family discord, and a decision is made to appoint a neutral party. 4 - A family member may not have the capability of caring for their loved one due to their own illness, proximity to their loved one, etc. All guardians are monitored by the Clerk of Courts in their District and are required to submit annual accountings and care plans related to the Ward.

Heart In-Home Assessments and Care Planning

We provide professional medical and environmental evaluations for the elderly. Our goal is to establish a secure plan of care, addressing priorities, and personal needs to maintain a healthy environment. Depending on the situation, we provide recommendations needed in the home in order for the client to remain in their home or, if a placement is required, what to look for when choosing a place for a client's aging needs.

Heart  Nursing Consultations

We work collaboratively with a network of peers, physicians, specialty providers, and ancillary services to ensure the safety and health of the elderly. Using an open communication model, we help with everything from attending medical appointments to arranging follow-up services as ordered, and providing appropriate resources as recommended.

Heart  Property Management

Our property management team offers multiple service options to ensure real and personal property are adequately maintained while under our service. We conduct monthly, or as needed, property checks of the perimeter and interior of the home. Regular maintenance is scheduled, monitored, and completed (examples: changing filters, ensuring lawn care and pool services are occurring, air conditioner and sprinkler systems are in working order, etc). We ensure all homes are prepared for hurricane season. If at anytime contractors are required, our team coordinates the services and ensures a reputable, licensed, and bonded company is hired, and tasks are correctly repaired/installed.

The property management team assists in conducting home inventories for Family Guardians and Executives of Estates performs cleanout of personal belongings in homes and assists with estate sales. Their attention to detail while sorting through the personal property is excellent. Papers and personal memorabilia are carefully categorized and set aside. We understand everything in one's home was very important to them; therefore, we take the time needed to ensure we preserve items for future generations.

Heart Additional Services Include Heart

Acting as:


Power of Attorney

Health Care Surrogate

Preneed Guardian

Veteran Fiduciary Representative

Social Security Representative Payee

Personal Representatives of Estates

Contact us in Melbourne, Florida, to ask what referral services and personal care support we can offer your elderly family members.