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Devoted Personal Care from Melbourne, Florida

Advocates for the Aging, Inc., of Melbourne, Florida, offers a full range of personal care and elderly assessment services that ensure clients are happy and healthy. Nothing is more important to us than providing quality and comprehensive care for community elders.

 Senior Placement Assistance

We can assist in locating the most appropriate placement for your loved one whether it is an Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care of a Rehabilitation Skilled Care/Nursing Home.  Our various care roles as Guardians and Geriatric Case Managers, place our team members in and out of many facilities throughout Brevard to ensure our clients are experiencing the utmost quality in care.  We are familiar with the care staff, communication style and services offered in each of the communities.  Understanding the medical, financial and social needs of a loved one is extremely important when transitioning them into their future home.  Our goal is for all of those we assist with placement to be truly happy and comfortable with their choice.  Our team specialist will gather as much information about the client, after reviewing the criteria, will provide several choices for the client and/or family.

 Case Management

Our team monitors the psychological, emotional, medical, social, and financial needs of the clients, ensuring all their personal needs are being met. Additionally, we attend medical appointments and arrange follow-up as needed. You can rely on us to ensure the proper resources are being utilized to promote our client's health, safety, and well-being.

 Crisis Intervention

We follow consultations, provide support, and ensure follow-up services are in place for clients and their families during a time of crisis. We also provide specific assistance for family members that are out of town, acting as a liaison between family and clinical staff.

Old Woman - Personal Care

 Financial Management

We assist in safeguarding the client's assets by utilizing targeted resources to preserve financial security. From bill paying services and medical care arrangements to specific health care options, we work to provide tailored services that fit individual situations.


Having someone champion your family's needs is what a guardian does. Appointed by the state of Florida, guardians take responsibility for a person when the court has determined that an individual lacks the capacity for or is incapable of managing their own affairs. We provide referrals to professional guardians when a person is at risk for abuse, neglect, exploitation, or abandonment.

 In-Home Assessments

We provide professional medical and environmental evaluations for the elderly. Our goal is to establish a secure plan of care, addressing priorities and personal needs to maintain a healthy environment. Depending on the situation, we provide the appropriate changes necessary in a home.

 Nursing Consultations

We work collaboratively with a network of peers, physicians, specialty providers, and ancillary services to ensure the safety and health of the elderly. Using an open communication model, we help with everything from attending medical appointments to arranging follow-up services as ordered.

Additional Services Include

Acting as Trustee, Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate, Health Care Proxy, Preneed Guardian, Court Monitor, Placement Coordination, Property Management, Veteran Fiduciary Representative, Representative Payee and Personal Representatives of Estates

Contact us in Melbourne, Florida, to ask what referral services and personal care support we can offer your elderly family members.